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LSAU Consulting Engineers t/a Lighting Specialists Austrailia is an Independent Award winning, Local and International Lighting design, Electrical Engineering, Drafting and Consultancy Firm dedicated to making a difference through light.

Being a multidisciplinary Consultancy firm that offers lighting design, electrical engineering and drafting means that we have the experience and knowledge you would need for your Lighting, Electrical and drafting infrastructure project.

LSAU has a team with a depth of experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds that specialises in sports broadcast lighting design, smart city lighting, road lighting design, freeways lighting design, urban lighting design, heavy industrial process plant lighting designs, mining projects, hospitality, education, retail, public realm including lighting assessments and verification for all areas of lighting.

Our unique and flexible core of skills and knowledge can seamlessly fit into a larger design team to compliment a response to larger projects.

LSAU is growing as an Independent Australian owned lighting and electrical consultancy now expanding to offer a team of:

Our Services

Lighting Design and Consultancy

We provide concepts, modify architectural rendered impressions to simulate completed projects, and simulate environments through computer modelling.  Computer modelling includes calculation of lighting level as well as computer generated 3-D colour rendered images. 

Design of sustainable and practical lighting for mining areas, processing plants and onshore facilities requires good understanding of the Australian standards, mining lighting requirements and the mining environmental conditions.

Careful consideration needs to be taken to address Occupational Health and Safety issues on site. LSAU Consulting Engineers provides sensible lighting design in line with the Client’s Requirements to minimize potential harm in the workplace, at the same time giving proper consideration to the environmental aspects of the lighting.

As Lighting Designers, we are in touch with world leading manufacturers of lighting, lighting systems and lighting related materials and finishes as a standard ongoing process of being at the leading edge of knowledge. 

All LSAU’s Lighting Designs and Verification work is signed-off by a Qualified and Registered Lighting Practitioner with MIES and RLP grading.  At LSAU we are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise across all industries creating awareness about the benefits of applicable lighting, contributing to a vibrant society.

Key Capabilities:

Sports Broadcast lighting specialists

Exterior lighting design

Internal lighting design

Industrial lighting designs

Lighting assessments and reports

Lighting Standards and Specifications

Master planning and strategy

Project management

Contract administration

Lighting Design Modelling

Sports Lighting

Road and Urban Lighting

Mining and industrial lighting

Apron/Airport lighting

Architectural lighting

Lighting Audits

Artificial lighting impact assessment study

Electrical Engineering and Consultancy

We have in-depth experience in many electrical applications including heavy industrial process, roads, transport and mining projects. Our unique and flexible core of electrical skills and knowledge can seamlessly fit into a larger design team to compliment a multidisciplinary response to larger projects.

We have a great track record of providing sub consultancy services to a variety of industries and projects. Our Experienced and qualified staff from  diverse backgrounds including operational/project management engineers, through to Site engineers and  will service your needs and find the right engineering solution for any problem.

We are best known to deliver quality and best practice results, always leaving our clients satisfied with the outcomes for their projects.

At LSAU we strive to provide solutions which match the needs and budgets of our customers, understanding that providing equipment within site standards of design and materials is paramount to having a complete solution.

Key Capabilities:

Concept Design and FEE (Front End Engineering)

Detailed Design and Specification


Our service has a strong focus on accurate, superior quality lighting and electrical drawings for our clients. We utilise consistent and intuitive drawing standards and symbols that match applicable Australian, client and international standards. Our drafting systems and standards have developed and evolved over the years of industry experience to be a valuable asset to our clients’ drawings and drawing archives.

We only use trained and qualified personnel for our drafting services, meaning that you are getting a technical design drafting output rather than a tracing service. Having a drafting service applying technical understanding to your work gives you peace of mind and reduces our clients risk when presented with the challenge of drawing management that needs to be in compliance with legislative requirements.

We understand the importance of consistency in representations of circuits and strive to provide a high-quality product and are happy to adapt our styles to suit the individual customer requirements and systems.

Key Capabilities:

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